What We Do

We distribute and publish your content to every major online retailer, streaming service, music application, mobile carrier and more.

In addition, we offer sales of physical products (CDs, DVDs, clothing, and other related items) to independent retailers, including Rapbay.com.

We collect your royalties from each service, generate a monthly statement of your earnings, and send out payments.

We distribute music to hundreds of digital service providers including...

Who We Are

Urbanlife Distribution is a full service worldwide distribution channel for independent artists and record labels. Founded in February 2001 in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area. For over 19 years, we has been specializing in selling CDs, DVDs and related items to retail outlets across the globe. In 2006, Urbanlife began to distribute digital products worldwide. Today, we work directly with hundreds of independent artists/lables with a vast and extensive network in the music and entertainment industry. We are always excited to work with new clients.

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